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Vehicle Statistics: United Kingdom

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A government determined to see as many old vehicles scrapped as it possibly can makes finding spares increasingly difficult. Here we review government figures relating to older vehicles still registered in the UK.

The numbers remaining are important to collectors and enthusiasts as the fewer there are improves their value. Rarity value is one of the ingredients to spur on collectors.

Also, and as significant is that enthusiasts MUST NOT allow bureaucracy to lose sight of our transport history. Hence enthusiasts like ourselves have entered the fight to keep it alive.

Statistics held at this site together with its analysis.

Statistics provided by the Department of Transport and Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

  • Cars considered most at risk from disappearing off UK roads manufactured in the UK between 1970 and 1989.
  • In some cases it was found impossible to include specific models. These were omitted from the data.
  • Figures provided as at 18-9-2022 to be updated on 20-2-2023.

Images taken at various car shows across Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

PLEASE NOTE: Our valuations are calculated through marketplace monitoring. We assess thousands of advertisements both private and trade to reach the highest figure asked for any specific vehicle. We do so because we believe the marketplace is currently so fluid it is impossible to predict with any certainty a fixed valuation at this time. Also, we have started including the lowest price spotted to reflect the potential to snap up a project.

Use the links below to discover the latest figures associated to specific models currently recorded in the UK

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