A 1970s Bond Equipe 2.0 Mark 2 convertible
Memory Lane Rarities

Bond Equipe 2-Litre Convertible MK II

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Powered by the in-line 6 Triumph 2000 engine producing 104 bhp. The Bond offered 100 mph performance with a 0-60 in 12.5 secs. In 1971 the convertible was priced at £1,305.

Rivals were Crayford Cortina Convertible GT £1,312; Triumph Vitesse 2-litre MK2 convertible £1,049. This distinctive four-seater failed to attract deserved sales even though it used established Triumph mechanicals were slow and too few for it to survive.

How Many are Still Motoring?
Includes all versions of Equipe including GT4S Licensed 85/SORN 66

Our Valuation by top market asking prices 6 March 2023:
1965 Bond Equipe GT4S /25,206 miles/Mint £6,500
1970 Bond Equipe 2.0 Mk II Convertible/Project 2,500

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