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The Stilll Motoring Store can be browsed from this website. If you click on a link you will be taken to our actual store on Payhip where you can purchase any of our products.

Classic Car Colouring Book – Ford Mustang Twenty pages of black and white computer art sketches of the iconic Ford Mustang from different generations. Plus an example of before and after colouring. Turn black and white sketches into something awesome with colour crayons or paint. This is your chance to create vivid pictures of a favourite sports coupe. £.100 PDF/Digital or order online by clicking the image above.
A super chance to see many of the classic cars that took part in this annual charity event and colour them to your personal preference. Great for children of any age or anyone with a keen interest in classic cars. This digital/PDF version of the colouring book at just £1.50 offers an opportunity to collect images of some vehicles fast becoming rare on UK roads. £3.00 Hard Copy.
If you are a Ford Escort fan then this colouring book is a MUST for you and comes with coloured examples of the black and white pages to be coloured by you. Most sporty models included over several generations. Piced at £1.00 Digital/PDF or £2.00 Hard Copy.
Welcome to Issue 10. With Static Car Shows in full swing through the summer months there’s lots to discover. Hundreds of images of classic cars that have been hidden away all winter are rolled out to do what their makers intended. Be driven. There is also a large section on motorsport from Kirkstown Racing Circuit, the fastest circuit in Ireland. Plus reviews and an article relating to E5 and E10 fuels, plus the development of a synthetic fuel by Porsche. Our used Classics for sale has some new interesting machinery that includes a Morgan Plus 4. Plus all the regular features that have allowed us to continue growing. So, get your copy, pull up a chair and prepare to be entertained. £3.00 Hard Copy £1.00 PDF/Digital.
The second issue of the Still Motoring colouring book features over two dozen ready to colour classic car images. Classics found in Northern Ireland and prized by their owners make them not only special but well maintained and often in exceptional condition.The colouring book makes available to anyone between 5 and 105 years of age to put their unique stamp on the many classics available inside this lovely colouring book. Once fully coloured you’ll never want to let it go. £1.00 PDF/Digital or £2.00 Hard Copy.
The Car Show Season has started and we’re full of images from some of the biggest events held in Northern Ireland. Kilbroney, Stormont and Banbridge Boulevard and much more. Whether you enjoy seeing and reading about standard saloons and hatches from the seventies and eighties to thrillers such as the Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 you’ll find something to capture your attention. A big plus is that the weather has for once been on the side of the shows incredibly warm and sunny thereby enticing many hidden away gems out of barns. Issue 8 also has the most number of pages the magazine has ever published with more than eighty packed pages! Other interesting articles also included as well as our usual Free Ads of classics for sale. Don’t hesitate, buy today! £3.00 Hard Copy or £1.00 PDF/Digital
Attention all car enthusiasts! Are you looking for a unique way to pass the time while also learning about some of the forgotten historical motors? Our colouring book is just what you need! With sketches of local classic cars in Northern, this colouring book offers an enjoyable and educational experience that will leave you feeling fulfilled. So, grab your crayons and join us in exploring these hidden gems. £1.00 PDF/Digital.
Discovering forgotten makes and models is the lifeblood of our magazine as are the people who cherish them. This month we take a look at three of the most popular British classic sports cars – the Jaguar E-Type, MG MGB Roadster, and Triumph TR6. We also use the MG MGB Roadster to assess how inflation has impacted classic values. Now the classics show season is underway we include a large section of the magazine to one of the first we’ve attended, the Ballynahinch Vintage Classic & Retro Static Show 2023. Offering fresh insights into those who organized the event as well as vehicles included for the display. Lots to see and discover. We also note the concern of many enthusiasts over the right fuel for their vehicles and adopted the government’s guide regards E10 and E5 petrol. Knowing what you’re putting into your tank could save you a small fortune. New to the magazine is a short quiz to test your car knowledge, plus all the usual data tables, used car free ads, and more. £2.50 Hard Copy £1.00 PDF/Digital
Issue 6 of StillMotoring comes with exciting modern classic news and views that include the 2016 Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 and Ford Sierra Sapphire Cosworth. What they’re like and what they’re worth. Can you afford a next-generation classic now before prices soar? Find out what’s happening in the classic market and where you should invest your hard-earned cash. Today more than ever, you need to choose your cars wisely. Still Motoring magazine allows you to do just that through its researchers who spend hundreds of hours studying valuations across the broad range of vehicles available today. But, StillMotoring is more than just a collection of statistical data, our team goes out about discovering barn finds and revealing what vehicles as far back as the fifties have to offer as practical daily transport. Get your copy today for just £2.50 or £1.00 digital.
Another exciting issue of Still Motoring comes with a thrilling ride in a 400 bhp Mazda RX-7 and, visits a Datsun 240Z and Saab 99 to check out the potential merits of investing in these very individual motors. Also, plenty of quick look reviews that include MG Midget 1500; Ford Cortina 1600E; 2005-2011 Honda Civic and for the first time one for the bikers as we cast our eyes over a Yamaha VMAX. Plus lots more including the regular data tables; valuations; how many are left in the UK and Free Ads. £2.50 Hard Copy or £1.00 PDF/Digital
Welcome to Issue 4 of Still Motoring. In this issue we look at one of the last of the traditional looking Jaguar’s the S-Type. Distinctive from any angle as a Jaguar with links to the past modern jaguars have moved away from what was a Brand-appearance that spanned decades. Insights into the most powerful version the intoxicating Jaguar S-Type R with 400 bhp will capture your attention.
We encounter a Toyota Corolla Twin Cam (AE86) and take it for a spin. Manufactured between 1983 and 1987 it was grossly under-rated at the time, but since then enthusiasts across the globe have come to appreciate what a gem it actually is.
Other articles include the Ford Escort RS 2000 Mk I & Mk II; Citroen DS 23; Toyota Corolla SR AE 86; 2008 Porsche 011 Turbo; Fiat 124 Coupe Turbo 20v;Ford Focus RS Mk 3 and a 2000 Ford Cougar V6. Plus spares for sale and free ads of classics for sale. While our data tables offer details of how many models remain in the UK their original value and prices being asked for them today. Information emanating directly from DVLA government records are represented in our data tables. Don’t mess about if you’re an enthusiast like us then this magazine is right for you! £2.50 Hard Copy or £1.00 Digital/PDF
Issue 3 of Still Motoring magazine is full of interesting facts, reviews and images of modern classics. In this issue the Triumph GT6 Mk 3. What’s it like to drive and just how easy is it for the DIY enthusiast. Also, the Honda Accord Coupe 2.0i ES, a rarity in the UK that from any angle is a good looking piece of kit. Is it worth considering as a future classic? Also, data tables; free classifieds; local reviews, potential investments, valuations and much more. Get your copy now!  £2.25 Hard Copy or £1.00 Digital/PDF
Still Motoring Magazine in Issue 2 review two modern day classics. The De Lorean built at a factory in  Dunmurry, Belfast Northern Ireland between 1981 and 1983. Sold 9,000 units before the company slipped into bankruptcy. However, the all stainless steel bodied car soldiers on free of rust and today continues to offer a unique design that for many hasn’t aged. The Vauxhall Carlton 3.0 GSi 24v is the origin of the world famous Lotus Carlton which in 1993 was considered by the UK government as a threat to public safety with its top speed of 177 mph. Also, the Lotus Carlton was used by criminal gangs to successfully escape when police attempted to catch it. The UK government was unamused. Included with these rich articles are tables and ideas showing the potential for finding yourself a worthy modern classic investment. £2.25 Hard Copy £1.00 PDF/Digital.
Still Motoring Magazine focuses on modern classic cars built between 1950 and 2010 found in and around Northern Ireland. Produced by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Providing valuation insights and recommendations we steer those considering investing in a classic machine how to go about it as well as what choices they have available. Lots of photographs from various Classic Car shows across Northern Ireland over the last year with short histories about makes and model.
Also, contributions from classic car owners and clubs we hope to offer a contructive approach in helping would-be investors choose the most suitable classic project for them. £2.25 Hard Copy £1.00 PDF/Digital.
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