1972 Triumph GT6 Mk 3
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Triumph GT6 MK3

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The GT6 was purchased by us as a fully restored vehicle that came supplied with its restorer’s full photographic journey. It is an impressive feat that took the previous owner ten years to complete.

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The GT6 was introduced in 1996 as a rival to the then well established MG MGB GT. Offering a 6 cylinder 2.0 litre engine in what was ostensibly a Spitfire with a metal roof provided for a quicker vehicle the the B GT. Although smaller than its rival the GT6 looked good with its familiar Spitfire nose. However, it soon became apparent that a little more oomph was needed to make the small performance gains against it arch rival provided by the Mk I, which churned out 95 bhp was needed. Hence in 1968 the Mk II was born offering 104 bhp and a top speed around 110 mph and 0-60 in just over 10 secs. Additionally, a new nose was introduced and a badge identifying the Mark II included on its nose and rear. Most noticeable performance asset derived from the extra power was tractability, and the little coupe’s willingness to pull in fourth from low revs. Additionally, economy did not suffer as a consequence of the power boost, possibly due to improved tractability and use of higher ratios to overtake slow moving traffic.

In 1970 the Mark III was introduced again with a new nose that encapsulated the front bumper and a new rear end that flowed more in keeping with the coupe look. Engine power remained the same as in the Mk II although some minor performance gains were noted. A rise in top speed to 112 mph and a 0-60 blast that dropped below the magic 10.0secs to 9.8 secs. These performance improvements may have been a consequence of improved aerodynamics offered by the new nose.

Driving the GT6 today is a step back in time for me as I make myself comfortable in the tiny cabin. Being comfortable behind the wheel is no problem as the seat always was aimed at providing support for long trips. The wooden dash and wheel are marvellous reminders of how luxury was identified with wood. The engine fires up quickly with a burst of enthusiasm to get going. The GT6 is low, lower than an MX-5 to the ground which is why it handles so well on the twisty bits of road I come across. Pushing the rear end out is no problem with cars like this because you literally drive by the seat of your pants. The engine also has enough power to pull you easily round and the steering does its job without any hassle, just point and steer. If there is a problem it’s not with the car but the poor roads and pot holes that we’ve all grown accustomed to dodging. I wish my road taxes went on roads more often! That apart, the GT6 is a car that will bring a smile to your face when behind the wheel. It’s fun to drive and be seen driving. The twin exhaust pipes provide the kind of growl that attracts attention so the police also know you’re on the way long before you reach them.

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