As any vehicle restorer will likely tell you, the beautiful machine that generates looks of awe took a great deal of sweat, blood and tears to restore. That’s before they talk about the expense. Here, we examine some of the results by restorers with images.


Mazda RX-3 Sports Coupe

The Mazda RX-3 is a sports coupe manufactured between 1971 and 1978. Powered by a Wankel Rotary petrol engine its performance at the time was sensational for this type of car. With 109 bhp performance attained 0-60 in 10.8 secs and a top speed of 108 mph. Several versions of the […]

Mercedes Benz SLK
Projects, Restorations

Mercedes Benz SLK (1996-2004)

There are plenty of reasons to want a convertible in your classic collection and one from the Mercedes-Benz brand adds both glamour and style. Trevor Ferguson Black bodywork with red interior is an attractive combination Slip behind the controls of this striking convertible on a hot summer’s day and lose […]