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We are a small group of car enthusiasts who own modern classics in Northern Ireland. We like to share our experiences good or bad related to our cars and those we’re fortunate enough to drive. StillMotoring.com is aimed at the modern classic rather than cars built before 1950.

Most significantly we are developing our own methodology for evaluating the true value of classic cars. The traditional methodology uses sold prices from auctions, traders, private buyers and sellers as well as government-sourced statistics. However, we have witnessed dynamic changes due in part to inflation. Also, the value of classics overseas can vary tremendously between countries by several thousand pounds. This can be quite notable among European countries.

Some reasons for differences in value are:
a) Less rare
b) Right Hand / Left-Hand Drive versions
c) Less popular with the country’s public

d) Models with low equipment levels

The Asking Prices we base values on with the global community, offer a more realistic valuation. Additionally, the future of classic cars and the impact of political decisions should be in harmony. Something that can only occur if enthusiasts and government work together. Doing so may often prove controversial. However, by raising issues that confront us all, we are more likely to improve issues.

Also, we want to circulate credible recommendations of firms or people we come across who have proved useful. Maintaining their services is vital to having reliable sources of support when the need arises as it inevitably will.

Additionally, we welcome contributors who wish their vehicles included on our site. Together with how good or bad they have been. So, feel free to drop us a line with photographs. If you wish to remain anonymous we will withhold your name. Also, blank out any registration identifiers, just remember to tell us it is what you want.


Everyone needs a trigger to set them off in a direction. Mine came in 2017 courtesy of my nephew. Who resurrected one of my favourite motors that had been hidden away in a shed for fifteen years. The video below explains all.

However, it wasn’t until 2022 before I met another petrol head Trevor, with a flair for art and ideas. The pair of us came to the conclusion that we’d like to give Still Motoring a go. Well the rest, as they say, is history.

Back On The Road By Bower: Vauxhall Carlton 3.0 GSi 24v
Bob Price / Trevor Ferguson / Paul Anderson / Ciaran Cassidy

We are grateful to all contributors for their enthusiasm in helping us create Still Motoring magazine.

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