Ford Sierra

Ford Sierra (1982-1993)

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Without doubt the Ford Sierra proved to be a very successful medium saloon/hatch and estate. So many versions of the vehicle were produced it is sometimes hard to guess when they were introduced. For that reason we offer a table identifying the main models and changes below. Our focus on the most famous of them, it being the Ford Sierra Cosworth is highlighted in the tables that reveal how many remain in the UK. Done specifically because it will be of interest to enthusiasts of the marque. However, there remain many other models of interest too such as the XR4 and XR 4×4. We also include a majority of the Sapphire models like the one shown in the video also below.

Ford Sierra (1982-1993)  Manufactured Total= 3,470,524

Number of Versions:

  • Mark 1 (1982-1987)​
  • Mark 2 (1987- 1990)
  • Mark 3 (1990- 1993)

Type: Five-seat saloon, 3 & 5 door hatchback, estate

Engine sizes: 1294, 1593, 1598, 1769, 1796, 1993, 1993 Cosworth, 1998, 1999, 2293, 2792, 2935, 1753 diesel, 2304 diesel

Current Number still Registered/SORN

Our Recorded Top Asking Prices: 7-3-2023

  •   MK 1  Estate 2.0 £3,995 (77K miles) MK 1  3dr 2.8i V6  XR4i AUTO £19,995 MK 1 2.3 V6 AUTO  £4,950
    Mk 2 1.8 4dr Sapphire LX £3,650 (83K miles) Mk 2 1.8 Estate  £2,995 (53K miles) 1986  5dr 2.8 XR 4×4 £9,500 1986 Cosworth 3dr 204bhp £69,995
  • 1989 XR6 3.0  £6.750 (50K miles) (SA import)
  • 1990 Sapphire Cosworth RS £36,995
  • 2.9 EFI GLS 4×4 £9,999
How Many Remain in the UK
Sierra Basic3966
Sierra 2.0iS622
Sierra 4×431
Sierra Azura29120
Sierra Azura I531
Sierra Base26150
Sierra Base automatic01
Sierra Chasseur1787
Sierra Chasseur automatic02
Sierra Ghia24103
Sierra Ghia automatic1047
Sierra Ghia 4×419201
Sierra Ghia I23224
Sierra Ghia I automatic30120
Sierra GL58312
Sierra GL automatic1127
Sierra GLS16
Sierra GLSi33171
Sierra GLSi 4×41789
Sierra GLSi automatic23
Sierra GLX1390
Sierra GLXi760
Sierra GLXi automatic47
Sierra GT1294
Sierra L63533
Sierra Laser1497
Sierra LX78477
Sierra LX automatic1222
Sierra LXi859
Sierra Quartz08
Sierra Quartz injection37
1985-1987Sierra RS Cosworth7072019
Sierra Sapphire533
1990-1992Sierra Sapphire Cosworth3691065
Sierra Sapphire Ghia21
Sierra Sapphire 4×4 Ghia860
Sierra Sapphire Ghia I16122
Sierra Sapphire GL1089
Sierra Sapphire GLS I29225
Sierra Sapphire GLX1499
Sierra Sapphire L16109
Sierra Sapphire LX60469
Sierra sapphire LXi725
Sierra XR 4×41590
Sierra XR4I132717
Sierra XR4x435198
Sierra XR4x4I141838
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