Capri Club Charity Ford Show 2024
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Capri Club Charity Ford Show 20-4-2024

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For a change the weather was smiling on Northern ireland and, if you happened to be in Bangor where the Capri Club Charity Car Show was held, then you were bound to enjoy yourself. Lots of Ford of all ages were understandbly present as were some other makes and models. Also, being alongside the harbour a selection of restaurants across the road offered tantalising deserts which we managed to help out with.
A Lotus Cortina greeted us as we stepped into the area where the cars were displayed. It appeared in immaculate condition and took me straight back to the late sixcties early seventies, when it was considered THE Street Cred. sports saloon of the time. next we came upon a 1963 Ford Consul Capri which was the sporting version of the Ford Consul Classic offered either as a 2 or 4 door saloon. However, under the bonnet of this Consul Capri was a Lotus Twin Cam, possibly from a Lotus Cortina wearing a pair of Weber carburettors with trumpets so it would sound pretty terrific going full blast. 
A host of later Ford Capris were also present with Mark 1 and Mark 2 models together with their individual updated versions. The Ford Mondeo early and newer examples were there with ST versions looking particularly useful. While a range of a dozen or so Ford Escorts from different eras and colours were also present. For us one of the most tantalising motors was a Ford Granada Mark 1 which even today looks beautiful and very well designed for such a big car. American Fords amounted to different versions of the iconic Ford Mustang. This was a very good event, well organized located at an excellent location. Proceeds are going to charity.

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