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Grace Hall Lurgan August 2023

With an abundance of weather warnings relating to heavy rain the day before. The  possibility of the Lurgan show being cancelled felt uncertain. However, as things turned out the weather did not turn seriously wet until the early evening. The show was without doubt a success with so many classics […]

Triumph Dolomite
Statistics, Triumph Dolomite

Triumph Dolomite (1972-1980)

Initially, the Dolomite was introduced with a new 1850 engine and was the sole Dolomite in the saloon car range. However, in 1973 rationalization of Triumph’s saloon model lineup brought about the use of the Dolomite name with other models including the Triumph1300, 1300TC  and 1500, 1500TC  saloons. RATIONALISED MODEL […]

Triumph GT 6 Mk3

Triumph GT6 (1966-1973)

In basic terms Triumph created a sports coupe from its popular Triumph Spitfire sports car improving its performance by installing its 6 cylinder 2000 engine from the Triumph 2000. The Mark 1 produced 95 bhp followed by a Mark 2 and 3 version with 104 bhp. In their day the […]

Triumph GT6 MK 3
Memory Lane

Triumph GT6 MK 3

Driving the GT6 Mk3 needs acclimatization on several issues. First, climbing in and out isn’t the easiest of feats to perform. It is very low so you need to be careful not to bang your head on entry and exit. Discovering where the pedals are located in the footwell as […]