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Grace Hall Lurgan August 2023

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With an abundance of weather warnings relating to heavy rain the day before. The  possibility of the Lurgan show being cancelled felt uncertain. However, as things turned out the weather did not turn seriously wet until the early evening. The show was without doubt a success with so many classics turning up a field at the back had to used. From a car enthusiast’s perspective the show was memorable for the many different makes and models on display. A few clubs attended including Mustangs NI and the Ford Mondeo Club, both with some very impressive examples. However, owners of modified motors were not to be outdone either with some seriously gorgeous personal versions included in the line up. Several caught my eye including a couple of very smart VW Beetles and a Toyota MR2 with a 2.4 litre Honda motor installed. Also, and at last someone brought in a Ford Cougar V6 with more power than the one I have on a ramp at my garage, something over 250 bhp which meant it must go like a rocket. All in all this was a very worthwhile visit to a memorable static show.

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