Memory Lane

Good, bad or indifferent your memories about cars you’ve owned or driven in print. Today your joy from yesterday may well be a modern classic.

Adding salt to the wound for selling it we throw in our approximate valuation. Some may find this too distressing to continue. You have been warned!

A 1970s Bond Equipe 2.0 Mark 2 convertible
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Bond Equipe 2-Litre Convertible MK II

Powered by the in-line 6 Triumph 2000 engine producing 104 bhp. The Bond offered 100 mph performance with a 0-60 in 12.5 secs. In 1971 the convertible was priced at £1,305. Rivals were Crayford Cortina Convertible GT £1,312; Triumph Vitesse 2-litre MK2 convertible £1,049. This distinctive four-seater failed to attract […]

Toyota Celica 1600 ST
Memory Lane

Toyota Celica Coupe MK 1

I had the pleasure of owning more than one Celica and have to confess I loved the car for its interior being such a nice place to be. Remember this was a 1976 car and yet the style inside was compared to a Ford Escort or any other British make […]

Mazda RX-8
Memory Lane

Mazda RX-8 Evolve (2006-2012)

The Mazda RX-8 might arguably be considered an icon because of its Wankel Rotary engine. The engine equates to 1304cc per rotor so with two rotors at its disposal the car is assessed as having 2616cc. However, there’s much more to this motor than simply an unusual engine.  To my […]

Honda Accord Coupe 2.0 VTEC
Memory Lane

Honda Accord Coupe 2.0i

The 2002 Honda Accord Coupe 2.0i has always been an eye-catcher for me. It’s a sleek design that used the Accord 4-door saloon as a base converted into a two-door. I think it works well and certainly turns heads even today. Possibly because you don’t see too many of them […]

Mazda RX-7
Memory Lane

Mazda RX-7 (1979-1992)

Late ’70s Mazda gave us the RX-7 a small rear-wheel drive rotary engine sports car. A stunning little motor at the time and a 2 + 2. However, the rear seats were not for large adults but folded flat with the floor to provide quite a decent boot space. A […]