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Grace Hall Lurgan August 2023

With an abundance of weather warnings relating to heavy rain the day before. The  possibility of the Lurgan show being cancelled felt uncertain. However, as things turned out the weather did not turn seriously wet until the early evening. The show was without doubt a success with so many classics […]

Morris Marina

Morris Marina (1971-1980)

Morris Marina (1971-1980)  Manufactured Total = 809,612 Type: Five-seat saloon, estate, coupe Engine sizes: 1300,  1700, 1800, 1500 diesel Current Number still Registered/SORN Top Price Spotted 1.8 Super 4dr £4,950 Top Price Spotted 1.3 Coupe Lux £4,995 Top Price Spotted 1.8 Coupe £2,500 (54K miles)