Know Your Car

Do you know how to change a wheel or how to check your engine oil? Rather than use costly services to do these things we’ve put together several short videos that explain how you can do these things for yourself.

Many people know little about the mechanisms that facilitate access to areas of their car that will need maintenance. For that reason we have detailed what you need to do as if you are a total novice without the slightest concept of what lies beneath a bonnet.

To those of you who already have a basic understanding; that’s good because you can skip to the parts you want to know about.

Know Your Car

Maintaining Your Car

Sounds easy doesn’t it but some still injure themselves by not fixing the bonnet securely. You will usually find your engine at the front of your car. Use the interior bonnet release before moving round to the front and slipping your fingers between the bonnet and front grille to find […]