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Sounds easy doesn’t it but some still injure themselves by not fixing the bonnet securely. You will usually find your engine at the front of your car. Use the interior bonnet release before moving round to the front and slipping your fingers between the bonnet and front grille to find a release lever most commonly requiring a gentle press or pull. That should free the bonnet for you to lift it to about head height.

Do not release the bonnet until you have it properly supported unless it operates using hydraulic lifts. Most cars do not have hydraulic arms to support the bonnet. In most instances vehicles have their bonnet support arm stretched across the front of the engine bay and clipped in place.

Free the support arm from its holder and use the free end to slip into a slot designed to accommodate it in the underside of the bonnet. Once the bonnet is secure you’re free to check the engine.


Below are several video easy explanation videos associated with minor tasks that you may find yourself confronted by as a car driver/owner.

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