Toyota Supra
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Toyota Supra

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1978-1981 Toyota Celica 2000 GT: 114 mph / 0-60= / 23 mpg
1981-1986 Toyota Celica 2.8: 131 mph / 0-60= / 27 mpg
1986-1993 Toyota Supra manual: 137mph / 0-60=7.9 secs / 27 mpg
1987-1993 Toyota Supra Turbo manual: 146mph / 0-60= 6.6secs / 25 mpg

1978. Toyota had been having some success with the Celica but Datsun had introduced the 240Z, and it was a head turner! So, in 1978 the Celica Supra was Toyota’s response. Supra means ‘Above to surpass or go beyond’.

Initially there were two engine sizes  a 2.0 12 valve offering 125 bhp and a 2.6 12 valve producing 110 bhp which indicates it was hardly stressed and therefore not a bundle of excitement. However, remember this was 1978 and most cars weren’t that exciting.

During the early ’80s saw the introduction of the A60 engine a 2.8 straight six 12 valve unit nestling under the bonnet of the Celica Supra. The car looked better designed and was infinitely more attractive from every angle. In reality it was a big improvement although still a little underpowered for what is was with only 118 bhp being produced. 

A few years later the names Celica and Supra were separated and a new Supra was born. Although it was the third version it was number one in name now and with a big 3.0 litre  6 cylinder under the bonnet. The A70 code identification for the new Supra was a good looking car . This was the model I owned and was a non-turbo version but felt powerful enough. Not the wild kind of fast acceleration you might expect but a smooth, powerful relentlessness that pushed you onwards. Also, it handled the corners well and on  motorways a cruise control feature proved useful.

Inside there was a good level of equipment with the driver’s seat  offering a high measure of adjustment.  Also, it was comfortable without sacrificing performance and always feeling light and sporty. The pop-up headlamps were sweet and the all round feel of the car was easy to enjoy and grow accustomed. It was a car to enjoy whether you were driving slow or fast with decent room inside although the rear seat passengers needed to be on the smaller side.

The next model A80 made it into the movies in Fast and Furious. It was a faster car some claim even the best Supra, but I still really liked mine as an all round very good machine.

​Trevor Ferguson 23-9-2022

1978-1981CELICA 2000 GTLicensed01968118412v
1978-1981CELICA 2000 GTSORN21968118412v
1981-1986CELICA SUPRA 2.8Licensed1827591686
1981-1986CELICA SUPRA 2.8SORN9827591686
1981-1986CELICA SUPRA 2.0 AutoLicensed1827591686
1981-1986CELICA SUPRA 2.8 AutoSORN6427591686
1986-1993SUPRALicensed17 2954185624v
1986-1993SUPRA AutoLicensed142954185624v
1986-1993SUPRA AutoSORN632954185624v
1987-1993SUPRA TurboLicensed992954232624v
1987-1993SUPRA TurboSORN2822954232624v
1987-1993SUPRA Turbo AutoLicensed862954232624v
1987-1993SUPRA Turbo AutoSORN2632954232624v
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