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Ford Mustang (1964-Present)

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The original Mustang used a Ford straight six 3.2 or V8 4.3 litre engines with up to 271 bhp which, back in 1964 was not bad at all. The first generation of Mustang ran from 1964-1973 which reflects how successful the original design impacted the market. However, this model will likely be remembered most for its part in the movie ‘Bullit’ when driven by the actor Steve McQueen . The Bullit Mustang fastback was available between 1967-1969 in standard form it offered a muscular 320-330 bhp backed up by 427 lb/ft torque. During 1968 the dark green Bullit Mustang changed hands for around $3,500. That same car resurfaced at auction and sold for a whopping $3.4 million. Two Mustangs were used for the movie but the one sold at auction was the only survivor. McQueen was credited with driving the Bullit Mustang but his driving was shared with Bud Ekins one of Hollywood’s best stunt drivers. Although a good looking muscle car it did have issues taking orners at speed. Early Mustangs would not have given great confidence to the driver when cornering. Hence, Caroll Shelby, an American automotive designer, racing driver, and entrepreneur chose to assist in the development of a muscle Mustang that could handle as well as perform well in a straight line. Shelby took the Mustang changing the engine, exhaust and, suspension. Creating the Shelby GT350 which proved to be a tremendous and at the time an ultimate sports Mustang. Shelby turned the Mustang into a very competent sports machine. The specification of the 1968 Bullit Mustang engine was revealed as a 6.4 litre V8. The car itself weighed in at around 2,800lbs (1.25 tons). Brakes were disc at the front and drums at the rear.
In essence the Shelby GT350 proved a vast improvement on the Bullit machine but sadly, only 562 examples were produced. Of course for collectors this makes it extremely valuable. In the UK expect to pay around £50,000 for one that’s running but in need of some tlc. The Mustang began its production in 1964 and the first production models totalled 121-538 units. The second run between August ’64-July ’65 totalled 559,451 and within 18 months more than a million were on the roads. To date more than 10 million Mustangs have been builkt which makes it a very successful car all these years later. There remains a freshness about the original design that has not been lost in the latest 2023 models. Neither has the iconic muscle car-look that continued over many years. After 60 years in production the Mustang remains a very cool car.

​Trevor Ferguson  9-1-2023

Ford Mustang 289 Specifications
Cost new (1964)£1,925/Top Asking Price Nov. 2023 2+2 Fastback £79,995 (Mint)
EngineV8 4728 cc 271 bhp
PerformanceTop Speed 120 mph 0-60=8.3 secs
Fuel Consumption18-20 mpg
Road TaxExempt but apply for historic status thru’ DVLA

How Many Remain in the UK

Ford Mustang 55 EditionLicensed: 68
Ford Mustang 55 Edition AutoLicensed: 98
Ford Mustang 55 Edition AutoSORN: 2
Ford Mustang BullitLicensed: 634
Ford Mustang BullitSORN: 34
Ford Mustang ECO BOOSTLicensed: 1085
Ford Mustang ECO BOOSTSORN: 16
Ford Mustang ECO BOOST AutoLicensed: 742
Ford Mustang ECO BOOST AutoSORN: 259
Ford Mustang Mach 1Licensed: 160
Ford Mustang Mach 1SORN: 1
Ford Mustang Mach 1 AutoLicensed: 113
Ford Mustang Mach 1 AutoSORN: 11
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