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The Square Classic Vehicle Club Kilcoo

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The final one for 2023 or maybe there will be another in December? However, well worth a visit to discover some seriously nice pieces of machinery still on the road and pampered by their owners. A Ford Fiesta XR2 Mk 1 was magnificent as was an Escort 1600 Sport with twin 45 DCOE Webers. Also, a Rover 620 which looked in good condition plus a variety of Focus ST’s and an RS. That said a Toyota Supra with plenty of colourful racing stickers and a very good looking black Subaru Impreza were also in attendance. As was a Jaguar F-Type presented as a modern day classic. A familiar and always welcome sight was the Cream Lady a Fiat Uno 1.0 Fire in almost mint condition. Perhaps because the XR2 caught our attention we were less obviously pleased with another less powerful Fiesta which deserved more attention than the wet weather seemed willing to allow, as did a Renault Clio. An early and immaculate BMW 3 series is always one I photograph. In all just over twenty one classics were displayed.
Greenan’s Steak House carpark is also very convenient if you’re feeling peckish to pop in for a breakfast or lunch.

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