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1966 Car Prices Price Guide

Classics on UK Roads in 1966

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People may wonder why I began our look at the past in the sixties. Besides that for me personally, it was the decade as a youngster I became fascinated by cars, but mainly it is a period when UK car Manufacturers were arguably at their peak. Also, some marques common today did not exist then, such as Audi and Nissan. While others such as Auto Union and Glas did, but who remembers them or their wonderfully elegant and stylish motors? Discovering cars that have been and gone yet deserve recognition is one of the goals of Still Motoring.

Records relating to <How many still remain in the UK> are taken from UK government records stored at the Driving & Vehicle Licensing Agency. This page updates those figures quarterly.

All data obtained were correct on 25-2-2023

ACTotal production of AC Cobra 289 Mk II= 51; AC Cobra 289 Mk III=27; AC Cobra 427=348.
Remaining in the UK
AC 289 & 427 Licensed=207 SORN=92
AC Cobra 289 £2,732
AC Cobra 427 £4,250
The basic version of the 427 pumped out 390 bhp. This provided a top speed of 165 mph and 0-60 secs in 4.2 secs. In 1966 American Carroll Shelby created a modified version of the 427 for his personal use. Power was increased to 800 bhp and mated to an automatic transmission. The result was a blistering beast that raced from 0-100mph in 8.8 secs!
Alfa Romeo was founded in 1910.
In 1987 for financial reasons Fiat bought
the company.
Today, it is a subsidiary of Stellantis N.V.
a multi-national automotive manufacturing corporation established in 2021.
Stellantis came about by a merger between
Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles(FCA)
and the French PSA Group.
Total production of the Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 SS Coupe: 1,400
Remaining in the UK
Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300TI: Licensed=13 SORN=8
Alfa Romeo Super: Licensed=49 SORN=15
Alfa Romeo Spider: Licensed=70 SORN=24
Alfa Romeo Sprint GT: Licensed/SORN=unavailable
Alfa Romeo Sprint GTA: Licensed=0 SORN=2
Alfa Romeo Sprint GTC: Licensed/SORN=unavailable
Alfa Romeo S.S.: Licensed/SORN=unavailable
Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider: Licensed/SORN=unavailable
Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint: Licensed/SORN=unavailable
Alfa Romeo Giulia TI £1,397
Tech: 4-in-line/1290cc/94 bhp/RWD
Performance: 100mph/0-60=15.3/27mpg
Alfa Romeo Super 1600 £1,599
Tech: 4-in-line/1570cc/112bhp/RWD
Performance: 115mph/0-60=10.7/-
Alfa Romeo Spider £1,500
Tech: 4-in-line/1570cc/109bhp/RWD
Performance: 116mph/0-60=11.3/27mpg
Alfa Romeo Sprint GT £1,900
Tech: 4-in-line/1570cc/109bhp/RWD
Performance: 115mph/0-60=10.6/27mpg
Alfa Romeo Sprint GTA £2,848
Tech: 4-in-line/1570cc/115bhp/RWD
Performance: 114mph/0-60=8.8secs/16mpg
Alfa Romeo Sprint GTC £1,999
Tech: 4-in-line/1570cc/109bhp/RWD
Performance: 112mph/0-60=10.1secs/21mpg
Alfa Romeo S.S. £2,394
Tech: 4-in-line/1570cc/112bhp/RWD
Performance: 125mph/0-60=10.3/-
Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider £2,498
Tech: 6/2584cc/145bhp/RWD
Performance: 125mph/0-60=/-
Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint £2,999
Tech: 6/2584/145bhp/RWD
Performance: 125/0-60=/-
Alvis became a subsidiary of Rover in 1965.
Total production of the 3-Litre Series III was 352.
Remaining in the UK
Alvis: Licensed=Unavailable SORN=Unavailable
Alvis 3-Litre Series III £2,998
Alvis 3-Litre Coupe £3,240
Tech: 6/2993cc/130bhp/RWD
Performance: 107/0-60=12.3/-
Alvis 3-Litre Series IV £3,225
Alvis 3-Litre Series IV automatic £3,340
Alvis Coupe £3,433
ASTON MARTINTotal production of the DB6 was 1,753.
Remaining in the UK
Aston Martin DB6: Licensed= 414 SORN= 90
Aston Martin DB6 Vantage Licensed= 16 SORN= 0
Aston Martin DB6 £4,998
Aston Martin DB6 automatic £4,998
The six cylinder 3995 cc engine in the standard DB6 produced 282 bhp with a significant increase in power with the Vantage upped to 325 bhp. The Vantage performed as expected of a super of the day with a 150mph top speed and 0-60 in 6.3 secs.
Aston Martin Volante Convertible £4,998
The Austin marque was discontinued by Rover in 1985.
Total production of the Austin Mini in the sixties reached 1,190,000 units .
Remaining in the UK
Mini 850: Licensed=1816 SORN= 1414
Mini 1000: Licensed= 733 SORN= 750
Mini Moke: Licensed=107 SORN= 58
A40: Licensed=1394 SORN= 545
1100: Licensed=369 SORN= 174
1800: Licensed= SORN= 102 SORN= 65
A60: Licensed= 380 SORN= 154
Austin Mini 850Austin Mini  Manual £478
Austin Mini  Automatic £570
Austin Mini de-luxe Manual £524
Austin Mini de-luxe Automatic £616
1969 Cooper S 1275Austin Mini – Cooper £600
Austin Mini-Cooper 1275 S £790
The Cooper S is a deserved Milestone Classic. Introducing a sporting-edged small saloon for the masses. Quick in its day it was capable of a maximum top speed of 100 mph and 0-60 in 11.0 secs. Not only that it also offered amazing, again for the time, road holding and with its go-kart agility could be hurled through twists and turns that left competitors a distant memory in the rear view mirror.
Austin Mini-Countryman  Manual (Steel) £554
Austin Mini-Countryman  Manual (Timber) £574
Mini MokeAustin Mini-Moke Manual £413
Austin A40 Manual £567
Austin A40 de-luxe Manual £610
Austin A40 Countryman Manual £587
Austin A40 Countryman de-luxe Manual £629
Austin 1100 Manual £625
Austin 1100 de -luxe Manual £656
Austin 1100 Automatic £748
Austin 1100 Countryman Manual £712
Austin 1800 Manual £847
Austin 1800 de-luxe Manual £888
Austin A60 Manual £750
Austin A60 Automatic £833
Austin A60 de-luxe Manual £785
Austin A60 diesel Manual £854
Austin A60 Countryman Manual £859
The Healey name was dropped in 1971 as a cost cutting exercise.
Total production of the Austin Healey Sprite Mk III=25,905 Austin Healey 3000 Mk III=17,704.
Remaining in the UK
Austin Healey Sprite: Licensed=1380 SORN=425
Austin Healey 3000 Licensed=749 SORN=125
Austin-Healey Sprite Mk III Manual £672
Tech: 4/1098cc/59bhp/RWD
Performance: 90/0-60=15.0secs/-
Austin Healey 3000 Mk III £1,107
Tech: 6/2912cc/148bhp/RWD
Performance: 121mph/0-60=9.8/-
Auto Union acquired by Volkswagen in 1964
Total production of the Auto Union 1700 Unavailable
Remaining in the UK
Auto-Union 1700 2-door Manual £997
BEDFORDTotal production of the Bedford Beagle= Unavailable.
Remaining in the UK
Bedford Beagle: Licensed=5 SORN=0
Bedford Beagle Estate Car Manual £635
Bentley became a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group in 1998.
Total production of the Bentley T-Series T1= 1703
Remaining in the UK
Bentley T-Series T1 Licensed= Unavailable SORN=Unavailable
Bentley T-Series £6,496
BMWTotal production of the BMW 1800=146,960
Remaining in the UK
BMW 1800 Licensed=16 SORN=4
BMW 1800 £1,598
BMW 1800 TI £1,748
Bond was acquired by Reliant in 1970 closed the Factory in October that year.
Total production of Bond Equipe GT4S= 1021
Remaining in the UK
Bond Equipe (All Years) Licensed=84 SORN=
Bond Equipe GT 4S Manual £858
CHEVROLETTotal production of Chevrolet Impala (Fourth generation)= Unavailable
Remaining in the UK
Chevrolet Impala: Licensed=Unavailable SORN=
Chevrolet Station Wagon: Licensed= Unavailable SORN= Unavailable
Chevrolet Impala Hardtop 8 automatic £2,364
Chevrolet Impala Convertible £2,539
Chevrolet Station Wagon £2, 660
CHRYSLERTotal production of Chrysler Valiant 200= 68,688
Remaining in the UK
Chrysler Valiant 200: Licensed=6 SORN=
Chrysler Barracuda: Licensed= Unavailable SORN= Unavailable
Chrysler Valiant 200 automatic £2,085
Chrysler Barracuda automatic £2,261
CITROENTotal production of Citroen Ami 6=  1,840,396
Remaining in the UK
Citroen Ami 6: Licensed=42 SORN=
Citroen Ami 6 Tourisme Manual £626
Citroen Ami 6 Estate Car Manual £667
Citroen Ami 6 Comfort Manual £647
Citroen Ami 6 Comfort Estate Car Manual £699
Tech: 2/602cc/22bhp
Performance: 65mph/0-60=A long time
CRAYFORDTotal production of Crayford Cortina=  Unavailable
Remaining in the UK
Crayford Cortina: Licensed= Unavailable SORN=
1966 Crayford Cortina ConvertibleCrayford Cortina Convertible Manual £894
Daf ended its car manufacturing in 1974.
Total production of DAF 44=  167,902
Remaining in the UK
DAF 44: Licensed=9 SORN=10
Daf De Luxe Mk 2 Automatic £599
Daf De Luxe Extra Mk 2 Automatic £671
Daf 44 Automatic £747
Tech: 4-in-line/1108cc/50bhp
Performance: 85mph/0-60=21secs/35mpg
DAIHATSUTotal production of Daihatsu 800=  120,000
Remaining in UK
Daihatsu 800: Licensed/SORN=Unavailable
Daihatsu 800 Manual £711
Daihatsu 800 Estate Car Manual £711
Daihatsu 1000 Manual £750
Daihatsu 1000 Spider Manual £850
The Daimler marque is currently owned by the Indian company Tata. However, no new models using the Daimler trade mark have been manufactured during its ownership.
Total production of Daimler 2/2 Litre V8= 17,600
Remaining in the UK
Daimler 2/2 Litre V8: Licensed=140 SORN=123

Daimler Majestic Major: Licensed= 58 SORN= 19
Daimler 21/2 litre V8 £1,647
Tech: V8/2548cc/140bhp/RWD
Daimler Majestic Major automatic £2,703
Tech: V8/4561/220bhp/RWD
Dodge (Chrysler) stopped UK sales of its products in 2010.
Total production of Dodge Polara 880 Vee 8=Unavailable
Remaining in the UK
Dodge Polara 880 Vee 8: Licensed/SORN= Unavailable
Dodge Polara 880 Vee 8 automatic £2,606
Tech: V8/5915cc/265bhp/RWD
Dodge Polara 880 Vee8 Convertible £2,775
Tech: V8/5915cc/265bhp/RWD
ELVA-COURIERTotal production of Elva-Courier Mk 1V T-type sports= 500
Remaining in the UK
Elva-Courier Mk 1V T-type sports: Licensed/SORN=
Elva-Courier Mk 1V T-type sports £1,085
Tech: 4/1798cc/98bhp/RWD
FAIRTHORPETotal production of Fairthorpe EM IIIA= 700
Remaining in the UK
Fairthorpe EM IIIA: Licensed/SORN= Unavailable
Fairthorpe EM IIIA Manual £780
Fairthorpe TX-1Fairthorpe TX-1 £1,420
Tech: 6-in-line/1998cc/112bhp
Performance: 108mph/0-60=9.0secs/25mpg
FERRARITotal production of Ferrari 330 GT Coupe=1000; Ferrari 275 GTB Berlinetta=940; Ferrari 275 GTS Spider= 10; Ferrari 500 Superfast Coupe= 37; Ferrari 275 LM= Ferrari 250 LM= 32
Remaining in the UK
Ferrari 330 GT Coupe: Licensed/SORN=unavailable
Ferrari 275 GTB Berlinetta: Licensed/SORN=unavailable
Ferrari 275 GTS Spider: Licensed/SORN=unavailable

Ferrari 500 Superfast Coupe: Licensed/SORN=unavailable
Ferrari 250 LM: Licensed/SORN=unavailable
Ferrari 330 GT Coupe £6,572
Tech: V12/3968cc/300bhp/RWD
Ferrari 275 GTB Berlinetta £5,973
Tech: V12/3.3cc/280bhp/RWD
Ferrari 275 GTS Spider £5,973
Tech: V12/3.3cc/260bhp/RWD
Ferrari 500 Superfast Coupe £11,519
Tech: V12/5.0cc/400bhp/RWD
Ferrari 250 LM £11,519
Tech: V12/2953cc/300bhp/RWD
Performance: 180mph/
FIATTotal production of the Fiat 500 between 1957 and 1975= 3,893,294; Fiat 600D& Multipla= 240,000; Fiat 850S & 850 Coupe & Spider= 2,300,000; Fiat 1100R= unavailable; Fiat 124= 20,000,000+(globally); Fiat 1300 & 1500=1,900,000; Fiat Abarth 500= unavailable Fiat Abarth 595= unavailable; Fiat Abarth 695= 1,000; Fiat Abarth 0T 850=unavailable.
Fiat 500F: Licensed= unavailable
Fiat 600D: Licensed=106 SORN=42
Fiat Multipla: Licensed= unavailable
Fiat 850 S: Licensed=31 SORN=9
Fiat 850 Coupe
: Licensed= unavailable
Fiat 1100R: Licensed=3 SORN=1
Fiat 124: Licensed=170 SORN=107
Fiat 1500C
: Licensed=21 SORN=3
Fiat Abarth 500: Licensed=unavailable
Fiat Abarth 595: Licensed=unavailable
Fiat Abarth 695: Licensed=unavailable
Fiat Abarth OT 850
: Licensed=unavailable
Fiat 500F £417
Fiat 500F Giardiniera £507
Another small car that did well by the masses. Extremely popular around the world the tiny Fiat is not short on charm. They proved so popular that faster versions to rival the Austin/Morris Mini Cooper S were soon produced by the Italian Road and Race car maker Abarth. See below.
Fiat 600D Manual £493
Fiat 600D Convertible Manual £538
Fiat Multipla 4/5 Seater Manual £679
Fiat Multipla 6 Seater Manual £690
Fiat 850S Manual £559
Fiat 850 Coupe Manual £865
Fiat 1100R Manual £682
Fiat 1100R Estate Car Manual £750
Fiat 124 £774
If ever a car deserved the title World-Car the Fiat 124 is it. Thanks to astute Italian arrangements with foreign countries including Bulgaria; India; Korea; Malaysia; Spain and Russia Fiat expanded its manufacture of the 124 body shell under alternative foreign marques, For example Russia produced the Lada from the 124 and built 17,332,954 units!
Fiat 1500C Manual £916
Fiat-Abarth 500 Manual £507
Fiat-Abarth 595 Manual £569
Fiat-Abarth 695SS Manual £705
Fiat-Abarth OT 850 Manual £705
FORDTotal production of the Ford Anglia=1,594,486; Ford Cortina Mk 1= Unavailable; Ford Corsair= 310,000; Ford Zephyr=unavailable
Remaining in the UK
Ford Anglia 1000: Licensed=2,306 SORN=1,125
Ford Anglia Super 1200: Licensed=254 SORN=143

Ford Corsair: Licensed= 389 SORN=183
Ford Corsair V4 De Luxe: Licensed=15 SORN=7
Ford Corsair V4 GT: Licensed= 10 SORN=13
Ford Cortina Basic-Super: Licensed=52 SORN=27
Ford Cortina Mk 1 GT: Licensed=58 SORN=27
Ford-Lotus Cortina Mk 1: Licensed=172 SORN=81
Ford Zephyr Mk 3: Licensed=31 SORN=13
Ford Anglia Manual £504
Ford Anglia de-luxe Manual £565
Ford Anglia 1200 Super Manual £615
Ford Anglia Estate Car Manual £578
Ford Anglia Estate Car de-luxe Manual £627
Ford Anglia Estate Car de-luxe 1200 Manual £651
Ford Cortina 2-door de-luxe Manual £669
Ford Cortina 2-door de-luxe Automatic £752
Ford Cortina 4-door de-luxe Manual £693
Ford Cortina 4-door de-luxe Automatic £777
Ford Cortina 2-door de-luxe 1500 Manual £706
Ford Cortina 2-door de-luxe 1500 Automatic £789
Ford Cortina 4-door de-luxe 1500 Manual £730
Ford Cortina 4-door de-luxe 1500 Automatic £814
Ford Cortina GT 2-door Manual £810
Ford Cortina GT 4-door Manual £835
Ford Corsair 4-door de luxe Manual £803
Ford Corsair 4-door de luxe Automatic £886
Ford Corsair GT 4-door Manual £928
Ford Zephyr Manual £949
Gilbern ended trading in 1973.
Total production of the Gilbern GT 1800= 280.
Remaining in the UK
Gilbern GT 1800: Licensed/SORN= Unavailable
Gilbern GT 1800 £1,348
Gilbern 2-Litre V4 £1,430
Purchased by BMW in 1966
Total production of the Glas 1700GT=5,013; Glas 2600-V8=666.
Remaining in the UK
Glas Licensed/ SORN= unavailable
Glas 1700 TS £1,594
Glas 1700 GT £2,291
The 1.7 litre engine produced 100 bhp giving the GT a 112 mph top speed and 0-60 in 11.2 secs.
Glas 2600 V8 £3,472
The 2600 V8 engine produced 140 bhp and provided 124 max speed and 0-60 in 10.5 secs.
Company liquidated in 1967
Total production of the Gordon Keeble GK1=100
Remaining in the UK
Gordon Keeble Licensed/ SORN= unavailable
Gordon Keeble £3,989
Tech: V8/5.4/280/RWD
Performance: 145mph/0-60=5.5secs/-
Chrysler took over Rootes in 1967. By 1979 it had rebadged all models under the Chrysler marque when Hillman was dropped. However, Chrysler sold its European division in the same year to Peugeot which saw the end of the Hunter. Until 1981 cars from the former Chrysler European plants were named Talbot, but this also came to an end in that year as Peugeot reduced the number of models it produced that vied for the same market.
Total production of the Hillman Imp=440,032; Hillman Minx= unavailable; Hillman Hunter=470,000; Hillman Super Minx=unavailable.
Remaining in the UK
Hillman Imp: Licensed=236 SORN=124
Hillman Imp Basic: Licensed=23 SORN=18
Hillman Imp Californian: Licensed=32 SORN=36
Hillman Imp De Luxe: Licensed=153 SORN=151

Hillman Imp Super: Licensed=289 SORN=235
Hillman Minx VI: Licensed=unavailable
Hillman Hunter: Licensed=48 SORN=22
Hillman Hunter GT: Licensed=1 SORN=3
Hillman Hunter GLS: Licensed=13 SORN=11

Hillman Super Minx:
Licensed=266 SORN=119
Hillman Imp de luxe Manual £549
Hillman Super Imp Manual £576
Tech: 4/875/39bhp/RWD
Hillman Minx VI Manual £672
Hillman Minx VI Automatic £764
Tech: 4/1592/57bhp/RWD
Hillman Hunter Manual £838
Hillman  Hunter Automatic £930
Hillman  Super Minx Estate Car Manual £860
Hillman  Super Minx Estate Car Automatic £952
Tech: 4/1592/62bhp/RWD
HONDATotal production of the Honda S800=11,536
Remaining in the UK
Honda S800: Licensed=65 SORN=26
Honda 800 Sports Manual £779
Honda 800 Coupe Manual £779
Tech: 4-in-line/791/70bhp/RWD
ISOTotal production of the Iso Rivolta=795
Remaining in the UK
Iso Rivolta: Licensed/ SORN= unavailable
Iso Rivolta £ 4,950
Tech: V8/5359/300bhp/RWD
Performance: 145mph/0-60=8.0secs/14mpg
JAGUARTotal production of the Jaguar 2.4 Mk II=25,173; Jaguar 3.4 Mk II=28,666; Jaguar 3.8 Mk II=30,141; Jaguar 3.4 S-Type= 9,928; Jaguar 3.8 S-Type=15,065; Jaguar Mk 10 3.8=13,382; Jaguar Mk 10 4.2=5,137; Jaguar E-Type 4.2=16,195.
Remaining in the UK
Jaguar 2.4/3.4/3.8 Mk II: Licensed=839 SORN=231
Jaguar Mk 10 3.8/4.2: Licensed=51 SORN=19
Jaguar E-Type (all models): Licensed=4,617 SORN=1249
Jaguar 2.4 Mk II £1,389
Jaguar 2.4 Mk II automatic £1, 520
Jaguar 3.4 Mk II £1,507
Jaguar 3.4 Mk II automatic £1,639
Jaguar 3.8 Mk II £1,813
Jaguar 3.8 Mk II automatic £1,737
Jaguar 3.4 S £1,720
Jaguar 3.4 S automatic £1,852
Jaguar 3.8 S £1,813
Jaguar 3.8 S automatic £1,945
Jaguar Mk 10 £2,200
Jaguar Mk 10 automatic £2,340
Tech: 6-in-line/4235/255bhp/RWD
Performance: 120mph/0-60=9.9secs/17mpg
Jaguar Mk 10 Limousine £2,393
Jaguar E-Type 4,.2 £1,934
Jaguar E-Type Coupe £2,033
Jaguar E-Type 2+2 Coupe £2,245
Jaguar E-Type 2+2 Coupe automatic £2,386
Tech: 6-in-line/4235/265bhp/RWD
Performance: 150mph/0-60=7.8secs/18mpg
JENSENTotal production of the Jensen CV-8=499; Jensen Interceptor= 5,577.
Remaining in the UK
Jensen CV-8: Licensed/ SORN= unavailable
Jensen Interceptor I & II: Licensed=324 SORN=172
Jensen Interceptor III: Licensed=254 SORN=167
Jensen CV-8 Mk III automatic £3,679
Jensen C-V8 FF £5,249
Jensen Interceptor II £2,394
Tech: V8/6276/330bhp/RWD
Performance: 140mph/0-60=6.1secs/14mpg
Fiat took control of the company in 1971.
Total production of the Lancia Fulvia 2C=unavailable Lancia Fulvia Coupe= 134,035; Lancia Flavia=105,848; Lancia Farina Coupe= 1087; Lancia Flavia Vignale Convertible=unavailable; Lancia Flavia Sport Zagota=unavailable; Lancia Flaminia=12,633; Lancia GT 3C= unavailable; Lancia GT 3C 2+2=unavailable.
Remaining in the UK
Lancia Fulvia 2C: Licensed=4 SORN=2
Lancia Fulvia Coupe Series I&II: Licensed=78 SORN=43
Lancia Flavia: Licensed=81 SORN=28
Lancia Farina Coupe: Licensed/SORN=unavailable
Lancia Flavia Vignale Convertible: Licensed=4 SORN=3
Lancia Sport Zagota: Licensed=16 SORN=4
Lancia Flaminia: Licensed=61 SORN=24
Lancia GT 3C: Licensed=unavailable
Lancia Fulvia 2C £1,379
Tech: V4/1298/95bhp/RWD
Performance: 100mph/0-60=14.0secs/32mpg
Lancia Fulvia Coupe £1,664
Lancia Flavia 1800 £1,889
Lancia Farina/Flaminia Coupe £2,498
Tech: V6/2775/151bhp/RWD
Performance: 113mph/-/-
Lancia Flavia Vignale Convertible £2,686
Lancia Flavia Sport Zagota £2,736
Lancia Flaminia Super Sport 2800 £2,946
Lancia GT 3C £3,723
Lancia GT 3C convertible £3,723
Lancia GT 3C 2+2 £3,908
LOTUSTotal production of the Lotus Seven= 1,350; Lotus Super Seven=350; Lotus Elan SI,II,III=7,895
Remaining in the UK
Lotus Seven: Licensed=163 SORN=72
Lotus Super Seven: Licensed=23 SORN=16
Lotus Elan SI: Licensed=10 SORN=7
Lotus Elan SII: Licensed=244 SORN=173
Lotus Elan SIII: Licensed=27 SORN=6
Lotus Seven £499 (kit form)
Lotus Super Seven 1600 £585 (kit form)
Lotus Elan 1600 Convertible £1,179
Tech: 4-in-line/1558/105bhp/RWD
Performance: 120mph/0-60=/
Company went into liquidation in 2007
Total production of the Marcos 1800GT= 99
Remaining in the UK
Marcos 1800 GT: Licensed=12 SORN=16
Marcos 1800 GT £1,789
MASERATITotal production of the Maserati Sebring GTI= 444; Maserati Mistrale= 948.
Remaining in the UK
Maserati Sebring GTI & Mistral: Licensed/SORN unavailable
Maserati Sebring GTI £5,486
Maserati Mistral Coupe £5,686
Maserati Mistral Convertible £5,686
MERCEDES-BENZTotal production of the Mercedes-Benz 200 (all models)=628,282; Mercedes Benz 220 (all models)=370,807; Mercedes Benz 230 (all models)=370,807; Mercedes Benz 250S=74,677; Mercedes Benz 300SE=2,737; Mercedes Benz 600=2,677
Remaining in the UK
Mercedes Benz 200=189 SORN 274
Mercedes Benz 230=157 SORN=87

Mercedes Benz 250=72 SORN 41
Mercedes Benz 300=84 SORN=86
Mercedes Benz 600=35 SORN=30
Mercedes-Benz 200 £1,874
Mercedes-Benz 200 automatic £1,023
Mercedes-Benz 200 Estate £2,575
Mercedes-Benz 200D £2,050
Mercedes-Benz 200D Estate £2670
Mercedes-Benz 220 SE £2,497
Mercedes Benz 220 SE automatic £2,695
Mercedes-Benz 220 SE Coupe £3,859
Mercedes Benz 220 SE convertible £4,165
Tech: 4-in-line/2197/116bhp/RWD
Performance: 104mph/0-60=13.3secs/25mpg
Mercedes Benz 230 £2,157
Mercedes Benz 230 automatic £2,355
Mercedes Benz 230 Estate £2,781
Tech: 6-in-line/2292/135bhp/RWD
Performance: 109mph/0-60=/
Mercedes Benz 230 S
Mercedes Benz 230 S automatic
Mercedes Benz 250 S ££2,575
Mercedes Benz 250 S automatic £2,773
Mercedes Benz 250 SE £2,865
Mercedes Benz 250 SE £3,065
Mercedes Benz 250 SE Coupe £4,484
Mercedes Benz 250 SE Convertible £4,883
Mercedes Benz 300 SE £4,086
Mercedes Benz 300 SE automatic £4,284
Mercedes Benz 300 SE Coupe £4,968
Mercedes Benz 300 SE Convertible £4,086
Mercedes Benz 230 SL £3,482
Mercedes Benz 230 SL automatic £3,680
Mercedes Benz 600 automatic £8,926
Tech: V8/6332/300bhp/RWD
Performance: 127mph/
MGTotal production of the MG Midget Mk III=13,425; MG 1100=unavailable; MG MGB/GT Mk II=218,870/91,207; MG Magnette=14,320
Remaining in the UK
MG Midget Mk III: Licensed=

MG 1100: Licensed=103 SORN=38
MGB (all Marks): Licensed=13,819 SORN=4,689
MGB GT (all Marks): Licensed=10,429 SORN= 7,619

MG Magnette (all Marks): Licensed=806 SORN=209
MG Midget Mk III Manual £684
Tech: 4-in-line/1275/65/RWD
Performance: 95mph/0-60=13.4secs/32mpg
MG 1100 4 door Manual £755
Tech: 4-in-line/1275/70bhp/RWD
Performance: 91mph/0-60=13.5secs/33mpg
MG MGB Convertible Manual £870
Tech: 4-in-line/1798/95bhp/RWD
Performance: 105mph/0-60=13.0secs/28mpg
MG Magnette IV Manual £916
MG Magnette IV Automatic £999
MORGANTotal production of the Morgan 4/4 Series V=639; Morgan Competition=102; Morgan Plus 4=7000+; Morgan 4 Seater=unavailable.
Remaining in the UK
Morgan 4/4 (all Series): Licensed= 3,010 SORN=611
Morgan Competition: Licensed/SORN=unavailable
Morgan Plus 4 (all Series): Licensed=1,464 SORN= 243
Morgan 4 Seater: Licensed/SORN= unavailable
Morgan 4/4 Series V Manual £727
Tech: 4-in-line/1599/74bhp/RWD
Performance: 106mph/0-60=13.5secs/24mpg
Morgan Competition Manual £800
Morgan Plus 4 2-Seater Manual £880
Morgan 4-Seater Manual £893
MORRISTotal production followed by no. Licensed/SORN currently in the UK
Morris Mini 1000=unavailable: Licensed=714 SORN=795
Morris Mini Traveller=99,000: Licensed=118 SORN=33
Morris Mini Moke=50,000: Licensed/SORN=unavailable
Morris Mini Cooper Mk I (997/998cc)=64,000 All Mini Cooper models Mk I & II Licensed=498 SORN=202
Morris Mini Cooper S Mk I (970/1071/1275)=19,000 Cooper S Models Mk I & Mk II Licensed=451 SORN=195
Morris Mini Cooper Mk II (998cc)=16,000 (Total)
Morris Mini Cooper S Mk II (1275cc)= 6,300
Morris Minor 1000 Series III=847,491 (Total)
Minor 1000 Series III to V: Licensed=8703 SORN=4721
Minor 1000 Traveller SIII to V: Licensed=802 SORN=372
Morris 1100=unavailable: Licensed=494 SORN=167
Morris 1800 (all MkI,MkII,MkIII=95,271
; L=69 SORN=44
Morris 1800 HL: Licensed=3 SORN=1
Morris 1800 S
: Licensed=8 SORN=10
Morris Oxford Series VI=208,823 Licensed=11 SORN=1
Morris Mini-Minor Manual £478
Morris Mini-Minor Automatic £570
Morris Mini-Minor de luxe Manual £524
Morris Mini-Minor de-luxe Automatic £616
Morris Mini-Cooper Manual £600
Morris Mini-Cooper 1275 S Manual £791
Morris Mini-Traveller (Steel) Manual £554
Morris Mini-Traveller (Timber) Manual £574
1966 Morris Mini MokeMorris Mini-Moke Manual £413
Morris Minor 1000 2-door Manual £525
Morris Minor 1000 2-door de-luxe Manual £550
Morris Minor 1000 4-door Manual £556
Morris Minor 1000 4-door deluxe Manual £585
Morris Minor 1000 Tourer Manual £525
Morris Minor 1000 Tourer de-luxe Manual £550
Morris Minor 1000 Traveller Manual £618
Morris Minor 1000 Traveller de-luxe Manual £618
Tech: 4-in-line/1098/50bhp/RWD
Performance: 76mph/0-60=24.0secs/38mpg
Morris 1100 4-door Manual £625
Morris 1100 4-door de-luxe Manual £656
Morris 1100 4-door Automatic £748
Morris 1100 Traveller Manual £712
Morris 1800 Manual £847
Morris 1800 de-luxe Manual £888
Morris OxfordMorris Oxford Manual £760
Morris Oxford Automatic £843
Morris Oxford diesel Manual £864
Morris Oxford de-luxe Manual £795
Morris Oxford Traveller Manual £869
Tech: Petrol Only- 4-in-line/1622/63bhp/RWD
Performance: 82mph/0-60=20.3secs/27mpg
MOSKOVICHTotal production of the Moskovich 408=100,000+.
Remaining in the UK
Moskovich 408: Licensed= 2 SORN=2
Moskovich 408 Saloon Manual £679
Tech: 4-in-line/1478/80bhp/RWD
Performance: 100mph/0-60=18.0secs/35mpg
NSU acquired by Volkswagen in 1969
Total production of the NSU Prinz 4=unavailable; NSU Prinz 1000=unavailable; NSU TYP 110= unavailable.
Remaining in the UK
NSU Prinz 4: Licensed=2 SORN=2
NSU Prinz 1000: Licensed=14 SORN=3
NSU TYP 110: Licensed/SORN= unavailable
NSU Prinz 4 de-luxe Manual £560
Tech: 2-in-line/598/36bhp/RWD
Performance: 75mph/0-60=30secs/49mpg
NSU Prinz 1000LS Manual £712
Tech: 4-in-line/996/48bhp/RWD
Performance: 81mph/0-60=18.0secs/37mpg
NSU Prinz 1000 TT Manual £838
NSU TYP 110 Manual £783
Tech: 4-in-line/1177/69bhp/RWD
Performance: 89mph/0-60=14.0secs/35mpg
PEUGEOTTotal production of the Peugeot 204=1,604,296; Peugeot 403=1,014,111.
Remaining in the UK
Peugeot 204: Licensed=9 SORN=11
Peugeot 403: Licensed=30 SORN=10
Peugeot 204 Manual £983
Peugeot 204 Sunroof Manual £992
Tech: 4-in-line/1130/60bhp/RWD
Performance: 87mph/0-60=18.0secs/32mpg
Peugeot 403C Manual £915
RELIANTTotal production of the Reliant Rebel= 2,600
Remaining in the UK
Reliant Rebel: Licensed= 27 SORN=21
Reliant Rebel 700: Licensed=11 SORN=17
Reliant Rebel 750: Licensed=9 SORN=5
Reliant Rebel Manual £534
Tech: 4-in-line/701/31bhp/RWD
Performance: 72mph/0-60=30.2 secs/42mpg
RENAULTTotal production of the Renault 4=8,000,000; Renault Dauphine=2,000,000; Renault 8=unavailable; Renault 1100/10=unavailable; Renault 16=1,845,959; Renault Caravelle=117,000 
Remaining in the UK
Renault 4: Licensed=59 SORN=32
Renault Dauphine: Licensed=unavailable
Renault 8: Licensed=30 SORN=16
Renault 10 or 1100: Licensed=13 SORN=6
Renault 16: Licensed=12 SORN=1
Renault Caravelle: Licensed=43 SORN=10
Renault 4 Estate Car Manual £544
Tech: 4-in-line/845/30bhp/RWD
Performance: 68mph/0-60=30.0 secs/40mpg
Renault Gordini Dauphine  Manual £568
Renault 8 Manual £630
Renault 8 Automatic £708
Tech: 4-in-line/1108/46bhp/RWD
Performance: 81mph/
Renault 1100 or 10 Manual £699
Renault 1100 or 10 Automatic £777
Renault 16 de-luxe Manual £868
Renault 16 Grand luxe Manual £919
Tech: 4-in-line/1470/63bhp/RWD
Performance: 88mph/0-60=16.9secs/28mpg
Renault Caravelle Manual £965
RILEYTotal production of the Riley Elf=30,912; Riley Kestrel=unavailable; Riley 4/72=25,091
Remaining in the UK
Riley Elf (all Marks): Licensed=396 SORN=311
Riley Kestrel 1100: Licensed=80 SORN=26
Riley 4/72: Licensed=70 SORN=33
Riley Elf III Manual £647
Riley Kestrel Manual £795
Riley 4/72 Manual £937
In 2006 Ford bought the rights to the Rover marque. Rover was discontinued.
Total production of the Rover 2000=322,302; Rover 3-Litre Saloon & Coupe=69,141; Land Rover 88in & 109=600,000.
Remaining in the UK
Rover 2000: Licensed=259 SORN=145
Rover 2000 automatic: Licensed= 21 SORN=24

Rover 3-Litre: Licensed=298 SORN=126
Land Rover 109in: Licensed=5 SORN=14
Rover 2000 £1,298
Rover 3-Litre Mk II £1,708
Rover 3-Litre Automatic £1,770
Rover 3-Litre Coupe 1,858
Rover 3-Litre Coupe Automatic £1,920
Land Rover II 88in Land Rover II 88in £710
Land Rover Diesel £824
Land Rover Estate Car £860
Land Rover II 109 in £813
Land Rover Diesel £927
Land Rover Estate Car £1,003
Land Rover 109 in 12 seater £1.013
Diesel £1,127
Saab went into liquidation in 2012.
Total production of Saab 96= 547,221
Remaining in the UK
Saab 96 V4: Licensed=255 SORN=204
Saab 96 V-4 Manual £801
Saab 96 Manual £742
Saab 96 Estate Car Manual £876
Tech: V4/1498/73bhp/RWD
Performance: 95mph/0-60=16.5secs/30mpg
In 1978 American owner Chrysler sold Chrysler Europe which included the Simca marque to PSA Peugeot-Citroen and Simca was discontinued.
Total production of Simca 1000= 1,999,000; Simca 1301=unavailable.
Remaining in the UK
Simca 1000: Licensed=6 SORN=0
Simca 1000 GL: Licensed=3 SORN=0
Simca 1000 GLS: Licensed=3 SORN=9

Simca 1000 Rallye: Licensed=2 SORN=2
Simca 1301: Licensed=3 SORN=0
Simca 1301 GLS: Licensed=0 SORN=1
Simca 1301 Special: Licensed=1 SORN=1
Simca 1000L Manual £600
Simca 1000 LS Manual £640
Simca 1000 GLS Manual £692
Simca 1000 Automatic £779
Simca 1301 LS Manual £860
Simca 1301 LS Estate Car Manual £970
Simca 1301 GL Manual £890
SINGERTotal production of the Singer Chamois=unavailable; Singer Gazelle VI=14,842; Singer Vogue V=unavailable.
Remaining in the UK
Singer Chamois: Licensed=189 SORN=135
Singer Gazelle (all models): Licensed=263 SORN=127
Singer Vogue (all models): Licensed=200 SORN=83
Singer Chamois Mk II Manual £600
Singer Chamois Sport Manual £665
Tech: 4-in-line/875/42bhp/RWD
1960 Singer GazelleSinger Gazelle VI Manual £769
Singer Gazelle VI Automatic £862
Singer Vogue V Manual £911
Singer Vogue IV Estate Car Manual £960
SKODATotal production of Skoda Octavia Super=unavailable Skoda 1000 MB=443,141; Skoda Octavia Combi=unavailable
Remaining in the UK
Skoda Octavia: Licensed=235 SORN=85
Skoda Octavia Combi: Licensed=10 SORN=4
Skoda 1000 MB: Licensed=1 SORN=0
Skoda Octavia Super 1200 £460
Skoda 1000 MB £580
Tech: 4-in-line/988/48bhp/RWD
Performance: 78mph/0-60=27secs/40mpg
Skoda Octavia Combi £600
Tech: 4-in-line/1221/47bhp/RWD
The Steyr-Puch was an Austrian variant of the Fiat 500 built by Steyr-Daimler until 1973. The car was powered by a motorcycle-derived flat-twin engine.
Total production of Steyr-Puch=unavailable
Steyr-Puch Haflinger £628
L.W.B. £668
Tech: Flat-2/493/18bhp/RWD
Performance: 62mph/0-60=Do not hold your breath/60mpg
SUNBEAMTotal production of the Sunbeam Alpine=69,251; Sunbeam Tiger=7,083; Sunbeam Rapier V=3,759
Remaining in the UK
Sunbeam Alpine Mk1-Mk4: Licensed=33 SORN=17
Sunbeam Tiger (both models): Licensed=315 SORN=83
Sunbeam Rapier Mk1-1V: Licensed=20 SORN=8
Sunbeam Alpine Sports Tourer £878
Gran Turismo £938
Sunbeam Tiger 260 Tourer £1,446
Sunbeam Rapier V £908
TOYOTATotal production of the Toyota Corona=30,000
Remaining in the UK
Toyota Corona 1500: Licensed=3 SORN=3
Toyota 1600S: Licensed=1
Toyota Corona 1600SC: Licensed/SORN= unavailable
1966 Toyota CoronaToyota Corona 1500 £777
Toyota Corona 1500 Estate £829
Tech: 4-in-line/1490/82bhp/RWD
1966 Toyota 1600 SToyota 1600S £1,059
Toyota 1600SCToyota 1600SC £1,174
The Triumph marque was discontinued in 1984.
Total production of the Triumph Herald=unavailable; Triumph 1300=113,008; Triumph Vitesse 6,Mk1,Mk2=51,212; Triumph Spitfire 4 Mk I=45,753; Triumph Spitfire 4 Mk II=37,409; Triumph TR4 & 4A=40,253; Triumph 2000=120,645.
Remaining in the UK
Triumph Herald 948cc: Licensed=190 SORN=69
Triumph Herald 1200: Licensed=975 SORN=653
Triumph Herald 12/50: Licensed=212 SORN=137
Triumph 1300: Licensed=180 SORN=103
Triumph Vitesse ,Mk I & II: Licensed=1647 SORN=829
Triumph Spitfire Mk I: Licensed=22 SORN=15
Triumph Spitfire Mk II: Licensed=103 SORN=54
Triumph Spitfire Mk III: Licensed=304 SORN=222
Triumph Spitfire Mk IV: Licensed=266 SORN=179
Triumph TR4: Licensed= Licensed=950 SORN=215

Triumph TR4A: Licensed=1021 SORN=206
Triumph 2000 Mk I & II: Licensed=
733 SORN=465
Triumph Herald 1200 £592
Triumph Herald Convertible £665
Triumph Herald Estate £675
Triumph Herald 12/50 £648
Triumph 1300 £797
Triumph Vitesse £758
Triumph Vitesse Convertible £808
Triumph Spitfire 4 Mk 2 £666
Triumph Spitfire Coupe £700
Triumph TR4A £968
Triumph TR4A Coupe £1,011
Triumph 2000 £1,119
Triumph 2000 automatic £1, 214
Triumph 2000 Estate £1,373
The Vanden Plas marque was purchased by Chinese company Nanjing Automobile around 2008.
Total production of the Vanden Plas 1100=unavailable; Vanden Plas Princess=unavailable.
Remaining in the UK
Vanden Plas 1100: Licensed=48 SORN=22
Vanden Plas 4-Litre R: Licensed=193 SORN=98
Vanden Plas 1100 £926
Vanden Plas 4-Litre R automatic £1,995
Vanden Plas 4-Litre Limousine £3,083
Vanden Plas 4-Litre Limousine automatic £3,317
VAUXHALLTotal production of the Vauxhall Viva HA=309,538; Vauxhall Victor FC=219,814; Vauxhall Victor VX4/90=13,449; Vauxhall Cresta PC=53,912.
Remaining in the UK
Vauxhall Viva HA: Licensed=188 SORN=93
Vauxhall Victor FC: Licensed=45 SORN=10
Vauxhall VX4/90 FC: Licensed/SORN=unavailable
Vauxhall Cresta PC: Licensed=44 SORN=21
Viva £528
Viva de luxe £579
Viva de luxe 90 £607
Viva SL £620
Viva SL 90 £648
Victor 101 £690
Victor 101 Super £718
Victor 101 de luxe £775
Victor 101 de luxe automatic £872
Victor 101 Estate £793
Vauxhall Victor VX4/90 £893
Vauxhall Cresta £956
Vauxhall Cresta automatic £1,059
Vauxhall Cresta de luxe £1,059
VOLKSWAGENTotal production of the VW Beetle 1300=Between 1938 and 2003 a total of 21,529,464 were built. Making it the most produced car in the world. VW Karmann Ghia Coupe=364,401; VW Karmann Ghia Convertible=80,837; VW 1600TL=2,542,382
Remaining in the UK
VW Beetle 1300: Licensed=8,588 SORN=5,099
VW Beetle 1303: Licensed=6 SORN=3
VW Karmann Ghia Coupe & Convertible: Licensed=846 SORN=405
VW 1600TL: Licensed=15 SORN=14
VW 1600TL Fastback: Licensed=9 SORN=7
Volkswagen 1300 de luxe £650
Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Coupe £1,101
Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Convertible £1,246
Volkswagen 1600 TL £998
Volkswagen 1600 TL Estate £1,059
VOLVOTotal production of the Volvo 131 Coupe=359,917; Volvo 121=234,653; Volvo 221 Estate=73,220 ; Volvo 122: unavailable; Volvo P1800S=unavailable
Remaining in the UK
Volvo 131: Licensed=103 SORN 64
Volvo 121: Licensed= 135 SORN=86

Volvo 221: Licensed=30 SORN=29
Volvo 122: Licensed=78 SORN=31
Volvo P1800S: Licensed=183 SORN=94
Volvo 131 Coupe £1,047
Volvo 121 £1,098
Volvo 221 Estate £1,258
Volvo 122 £1,213
Volvo P1800S £1,814

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