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Sprucefield Dawn 2023

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Sprucefield Dawn
As the Sun rose on the horizon lighting up a leafy rural landscape sensible people turned over in their beds and slept on. However, two intrepid motoring enthusiasts had other ideas. Having heard a whisper that a collection of Mustangs was assembling at a nearby retail park they wanted to catch sight of them before they set off for the show and shine at Loughgall.
Arriving earlier than Simply Mustangs NI meant to ensure unprecedented access to a variety of versions of the big American beasts. Initially, our buffs found nothing remotely interesting sitting in the car park in front of MacDonald’s. Breakfast beckoned, but they resisted. Then at the opposite end of the car park, two black Japanese stalwarts of motoring history entered making sounds like the arrival of grumbling bears. Wearing sporting signs and banners, humungous spoilers, and an assortment of speed-related gizmos they trundled to a stop. The Nissan wearing the widest wheels on this side of a formula one at Brands Hatch. The cars, a 200 SX and Supra Twin Turbo were gorgeous. OMG! The child in both buffs took over as they rode to join the pair. In no time at all Trevor sat behind the wheel of the Supra. As a former owner of one very similar it took him back more years than he cared to remember. Yep, it was one of those that had gotten away from him. Simon, the owner of the 200 SX explained they were on their way to Loughgall and waiting for a third member of their group who turned up in a very discrete MR2. (See pics) We watched as they set off and turned back to the dependable Honda. Looking towards MacDonald’s we spied a dark red Mustang that had somehow sneaked quietly in while we had been distracted. We sauntered up to join it.
A 2008 GT model with a five-litre V8. Wonderful. Then a second appeared in 2019 painted white with blue stripes. Fabulous. In no time at all or so it seemed the collection of Mustangs surrounded us. None are the same colour and all look and sound great. When you buy a Mustang half of the attraction has to be the sound of that V8. See pics.
While we enthused over the Mustangs an unexpected and very fortunate thing happened. A group of Austin Healey 3000s drew up alongside. Wow! Haven’t seen as many 3000s in one place since I don’t know when. All different versions and none the same colour. It quickly became clear the owners were the real McCoy, genuine enthusiasts carrying around a great deal of knowledge about their cars. An Austin Healey Sprite also joined them which made the 3000s look like they were enormous. See pics.
As Trevor and I headed back to the Honda thinking we had done well we suddenly spotted that the Honda had been joined by a set of Honda S2000s, all with their tops down. Needless to say, we got into a conversation.

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