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This page was updated on 28-3-2023

Pickup trucks have come a long way since the early nineties offering as much comfort as a regular car and kitted out with as many gadgets as you’d find anywhere at the price. However, is it possible for a pick-up to be a classic? I think the simple answer is yes it is.

Take a look at the photo of the American pick-up alongside and you’ll appreciate why I reached this conclusion. At the time of manufacture I very much doubt anyone believed it to be an icon of a mode of transport that would evolve into what pick-up trucks have today.

Indeed, Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) dominate the big car market these days yet even these have a few icons in history as does the Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) associated with carting families around. The Range Rover MK1 (1969-Present) is now a sought-after motor because it was the first of its kind.

However, not long after it the French produced the Matra Rancho between 1977-1984 selling a total of 57,792 vehicles by the end of its production cycle. It was replaced in 1984 by the Renault Espace MK1 another icon of its day as it presented the world with the first credible MPV.

Icons and vehicles that generate milestones in the history of transportation warrant acknowledgement because they offered an alternative to the standard.

Classic Pick-Ups

1978-1979 Ford Bronco. Offered with either a 5.8 litre or 6.6 litres V8 the Bronco is a big-bodied cross-country pick-up.

Ford F-150 (1948-2023)
Between 1997 and 2023 the most popular version of the Ford F-150 was the eleventh generation manufactured between 2004 and 2008 with 939,511 units produced in the United States. Powered initially by a single version of a 5.4 litre V8 offering ample oomph for such a large vehicle it proved a successful mix. A sports version of any road-going success story seems inevitable and Ford was quick to take the opportunity of doing so with a version called the STX. It retained the 5.4-litre engine with an increased power output of 300 bhp.

1990 Chevrolet C1500 454 SS (Fourth Generation)
Between 1998 and 2002 Chevrolet manufactured the fourth generation of their pick-up which became a classic even as it rolled out the factory. The Chevrolet C1500 454 SS was a big pick-up with a big engine. The 454 SS is powered by a 7.4 litre V8 that pumped out 230 bhp to propel the pick-up from 0-60 mph in 7.7 secs. As often with big pre-2000 V8s the downside was fuel consumption of 10 mpg.

1993-2002 Dodge Ram (Second Generation)
The second-generation Dodge Ram successfully sold more than 1.3 million units by the end of its production run. Thereby establishing itself as a future classic among pick-ups. It is a big, bold design powered by a host of petrol and diesel V8 engines. The popular diesel, a 5.9 litre V8 24v delivered 235 bhp. While petrol engines included a 3.9 V6, 5.2 V8, 5.9 V8 and an at the time, new 8.0 V10.

1955 International Harvester Pick-up. Anyone who watches old American movies in which rural areas are involved will likely have seen one of these pick-ups used as a prop. Between 1954 and 1955 they proved fairly popular with a choice of models on offer such as the R110 and R130. A six-cylinder 3613 cc engine sat under the bonnet pumping out either 100 or 104 bhp. The most popular model the R-110 sold a total of 72,659 units

The Willys Pickup was manufactured between 1947 and 1965. Anyone who has watched WW 2 movies will find the nose of the Willys familiar as it is a version of the original jeep used during the war. It was offered with a 4-cylinder 2.2 litre, 3.7 litres or 3.8 litres 6-cylinder engine. Over its life span, more than 200,000 units were manufactured. A single manual three-speed gearbox was available with synchromesh on the 2nd and 3rd gears.

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