Year: 2022

Modified Motors

MG MGB Convertible V8

Removing the original 1798 c.c. engine and replacing it with a V8 is not new. MG did it themselves with their GT variant and eventually the RV8 convertible with modified bodywork. However, installing a V8 lump into an early MGB convertible remains a comprehensive engine change for anyone to tackle. […]

Modified Motors

Ford Cortina GXL MK3 Cosworth

The Ford Cortina MK3 (1970-1976) was highly popular in its day and seen as a move away from previous designs with its use of Coke bottle styling popular at the time. In the UK the most powerful was equipped with a 2-litre Pinto TL20 motor. Hence when you come across […]

Modified Motors

Vauxhall Vectra

This is a stunning example of a modified Vauxhall Vectra. Modifications did not end with the engine and running gear. Modifications made to the interior are too many to list here, suffice it to say modifications have been extensive. The paintwork is professionally carried out. You either love it or […]

Memory Lane

Austin/MG/Rover Metro

British Leyand Manufactured 1980-1986 / Rover Group plc Manufactured 1986-2000 In October 1980 British Leyland (BL) introduced us to the Austin Mini Metro. This vehicle was intended to replace the Mini but as we know the Mini lives on. The Metro was intended to compete with the Ford Fiesta and […]